The God of All Universes

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Who is god anyway? A good way to start is by examining the definition of god. Most dictionaries state that god is the creator and ruler of all and is infinite in all attributes. We can describe god as Omni potent and Omni present. This means he is everything and he is everywhere.

Well then look all around you and see God. Look within you and see, you are god. Now look further and see the planets, the stars, the galaxies, and the universe. They are god. Perhaps, god is the universe.

Well if the god is the universe, then what is the universe? The known universe is made of galaxies on end. In 3D visualization they look like veins in a body or branches of a tree. But we don’t see the whole thing. The universe stretches much further then we can detect.

If the universe were a body then there is likely to be other such bodies. Quantum physicists calculate a multi-verse. There are universes of such gods! So, does this mean that god is the god of all universes?

Such a god has no cognition of us. We are meaningless to them and out of their sight. No more than a corpuscle in your body or a germ at that.

Then who might these be? The aliens we also call god. In the Nicene Creed, it is said that “Jesus will “come again, in Glory, to judge the living and the dead.” If we can see him manifested as a physical being then we have not satisfied the Omni present or the Omni potent criteria. Have we?

Some pacific islanders who had never seen an airplane or much technology thought the US soldiers were gods. It may even seem like advanced technology can qualify one to be seen as a god. To our ancestors those angels that occupy the heavens were gods. We yearn to follow then into heaven, into the sky, and into space.

What about that Supreme Being existing with other deities inside the universe? Even when there is spiritual transcendence, indicating passage within the universe or between universes, those god like beings are not the Omni. The Omni, the infinite, is god of all universes.

So what of the universe? if the universe is a body, a being, then it is very likely that their are other beings like it existing inside a higher universe. Consider universes within universes without end.


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