Big Puppy and the Turfites-Episode 2

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Episode 2

 The inconclusive result from the committee meeting left a set of the resident members unsatisfied. Some “extra conference” discussions ensued and a trio decided to initiate a plan to address the problem. “Stew Paki” was authorized to sound out Don Jon in the hope that some profitable arrangements between the parties could result.

Three days Later
Don Jon, drug overlord has agreed to a meeting with party enforcer“Stew Paki” and other elements of the party adherents. He had been approached by the enforcer with an offer. The offer will provide the Don’s carriers with enhanced protection if he will re-route his drug shipments through their turf. En route to the meeting are (A) Big Pup (B) Stew Paki and (C) Fry Fish. Unknown to (A) & (C),  (D) Two Gun is now an accredited go-between for Don Jon and Stew Paki.

Begin Dialogue:
(C) Big .P, what going happen when Mr. P finds out we make deal with Don J. behind his back”
(B) “Who is going to tell him, you planning to squeal Fry Boy? (C) “not me Stir P not me.”
(A) “No quareling, we in this together, we agree to take the risks at turf with turf men only.
(C) “So how come Low Ear not in the mix, he been at turf for as long as any of we.
(B) “Most people can’t make the grade in some running’s, if you see what I-Man mean.
(B) “We here, no more talk until we seated. Big P, Don J expects you will do the talking. 
(B) “ Drop fear, Stand firm. We offering some powerful advantage and he WANT it.
(B) All that is on the table is how much we get from the deal. dont get cornered call recess”
B)” We can consult, but not too often, you cannot be seen as timid or insecure”
End Dialogue.

Scene shifts:
Big Pup has been escorted into (E) Don Jon’s office; the other two are seated in the foyer. Don Jon has not offered Big Pup a seat.

Begin Dialogue:
(E) “What can I do for you Big Pup?
(A) “With respect Don J, We come at your invite to do some negotiating.”
(E)  “I give instructions I don’t negotiate. What’s with all this WE anyway.”
(A) “It is three from Turf who came to see you Sir. We heard you were open to discussion.”
(A) “We are disappointed to hear it is not so. With your permission we will take our leave.”
(E) “Sit, Sit man.” (Rings bell, gives instruction. the other turfites enter and are seated.)
(E) OK, let’s get down to business.”
End Dialogue.

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