Big Puppy and the Turfites Episode 3

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Episode 3

The informal committee has negotiated an arrangement with Don Jon Drug Overlord which guarantees safe conduct for his runners along a specified route through their turf. In return the overlord will pay a toll fee and remove his peddlers from their turf. The fee is expected to provide resources for hiring supplementary enforcement personnel to beef up group security. The Don had insisted that Two Gun be in charge of his escort arrangements.  Neither Big Pup nor Fry Fish is happy with the complete arrangements but acknowledge that some benefits carry reciprocating sacrifice.

Fry Fish has shared his concern with a cousin Ma Cow, a market higgler and consort of Big Pup. Ma is also a complimentary partner to Miss Patty in that she does the market shopping for the Patty “Luncheon and bar”. Ma has spoken derisively about her cousin concerns to Miss Patty, “HIM ONE BIG COWARD” she proclaimed.

Second thinking:
A family gathering is taking place in the back room at Miss Patty L&B.
Present are; (A) Fry Fish,  (B) Low Ear, (C) Law Bot, (D) Responding group of 2. (Miss Patty, Law Bot’s Wife)

(D)  Miss P: “Fry, Ma says you only concerned bout your own status, that you grudge Two G since he first you.”
(A)  “Not true, we set a ball rolling and don’t have control of it. We act from desperation and can’t turn back.”
(B)  “What you go and commit us to Fry, You follow Stew P into the drug hole eh?? Like he was suggesting.”
(C)  “Man who lie down with dog get up with flee dad. Cop can’t expect respect if him kin not on the up an up.”
(C) ” You can’t keep it quiet; Mr. P bound to get word sooner or later. What you going say if he mad bout it.”
(D)  Wife:” Word is Fat Cat hear bout it already, so Mr. P must know too.”
(A)  “If push come to shove I-Man can only stay silent, let he who is first in line do the falling.”

Three hours later
Politico has called in some of the committee for a consultation in Fat Cats Office.
Present are (A) Politico, (B) Fat Cat, (C) Big Pup,(D) Low Ear.

(A) “Big P, word on the street is you arrange for extra power boys to supplement security.”
(A) “What you commit us to in exchange, and how we going finance that.”
(C)  “No extra cash outflow Mr. P, we get rid of then dirt bags peddling drugs to our kids too.”
(C)  “The gang down sling street done lose cash backative and we can take them out at will.”
(B)  “You allow the Don to buy into the turf eh? Can we deal with what going follow that move.”
(D)  “Maybe we can do some trade off with the Inspector at station 2. Keep the law on our side.”
(D)  “Word is Two Gun has a brother, a Corporal, at station 4. Right in the Don’s back yard.”
(A)  “Make the contact Low Ear, Test the waters, give strong assurances and call me with options.”
A,C & D leave.
(B) (Soto voiced to himself). “Seems to me buoyo you better make a move. check out the water at Don town.”