Big Puppy and the Turfites-Episode 1

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Episode 1

This first follow up on our article “Big Puppy syndrome in Garrison Communities” is a mini snippet in which we seek to define the social environment from which the community evolved and to introduce the characters we plan to employ for our expose. Our approach is to view the community in the period immediately prior to “Garrison Status” and to express a postulate for the how, and the why of its development; and also to speculate about the constraints that were central to its establishment.  Demographics of the prevailing conditions and evolutionary trends adopted for this expose is drawn in part from the July 1997 report of the National Committee on Political Tribalism chaired by the Hon. Justice James Kerr and of excerpts from studies conducted by Mr Mark Figueroa, Dr. Jerry Chevannes and Dr. A.W Sangster. which were quoted in that report.

 Turfites and their circumstances.

This group is embedded in a swing constituency with a history for violence and turf warfare. The population is mostly low income working class, and illiteracy persists in some areas.  Because unemployment is a significant factor, political patronage becomes a life sustaining asset and a focus of strife…

Interacting Population:

The following character set was chosen as representative of the interrelating population:
Big Pup:  Male or female, principal political activist recognized by community & Politico
Politico:   Party’s current representative for the Constituency
Fat Cat:    Financier, major funder of operating costs, expects to benefit from patronage.
Fry Fish:   Activist, crony of and tied to “Big Pup” for benefits and status
Stew Paki: Enforcer, of ambivalent loyalty and not too deterred by moral thinking.
Two Gun:  Strong arm man, ruthless loner, morally bankrupt, responsive only to his desires.
Don Jon:  Major-Domo representing the drug cartel and Crime Overlord in the area.
Low Ear:   Politico’s undercover, longtime resident, self sufficient, of strong moral character.
Law Bot:  Activist, son of Fry Fish, in area constabulary, married to Low Ear’s daughter.
Resident Grouping: Chosen as sounding board, versatile in composition as needed

Community Circumstances: 

The matters at issue devolves around a successful incursion achieved by opposing political elements. Some contend that there is weakness inherent in the “live/let live” policy inherited from the former party Representative. A group conference is in session to evaluate the damage and plan preventative measures.
 Present are; (A) Politico, (B) Fat Cat, (C) Big Pup, (D) Fry Fish, and (E) Stew Paki.

Begin Dialogue
(A) “Big P how can the dirt bags come right next door, invade the place, and rob  Miss Patty?”
(C) “Mr. P, we can’t hold ground when the place full a deadbeat, we need some power boys.”
(A) “Is that why I see “Two G” hanging around with “Stew P”, don’t like that buoy one bit.”
(A) “Don’t want to lose nonparty voters Big P we hold this seat because we don’t harass them.”
(E)  “The problem with nonparties is who they support. Last vote nearly 24% unfavorable.”
(E)  “No way to tell who spying or where opponents are located. Word is Big Money soon drop.”
(A) “You all start look about, keep an eye, who spending not in line to have cash. Later”. (Leaves)
(B) “Your side kick not Irie Stew P.”Him iook like hungrydog. Money is him god, can sell we out.”
(B) “Who going ante up to keep him here when he get on the take”
(E) “We could try seeing if free passage through skin lane can get the Don to spring for some cash”
End Dialogue


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