The Humans we call Gods

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We know many various definitions of God. In addition to the God of All Universes and the Aliens we call God, we also have some humans, men or women, of supreme value or power have been deemed to be a God.

Some examples of Human Gods might include Egyptian Pharaohs, Monarchs, Rulers, Presidents, Prime Ministers, or Dictators of nations. These folk typically live in a bubble world and after a while become deluded or co-opted from their original purpose.

The slide show below gives you some examples of humans who came to believe they were gods.

Egyptian Pharaohs

Egypt was among first historical records that showed the ruler was deified. The pharaoh fully expected an ascension and made preparations for one.

Chinese Emperor

 In China some emperors expected life everlasting. They buried themselves in pyramids with clay solders to protect them in the afterlife.

Young Chinese Emperor

Emperors were the chosen one to embody the cultures ethics and represent who they are. Perhaps they inheriting a monarchy through ancestry.

Julius Caesar

Rome had their dictators like Julius Caesar and Augustus Caligula Caesar who expressed godlike power on the citizens.

Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain

These monarchs completed a journey of war that had started 700 years before near 750AD. They finally expelled the Muslim invasion from Western Europe and the Iberian Peninsula. 

Reconquest of the Iberian Peninsula

The Muslims surrender in Granada to superior forces and were told to convert of leave the country back to Morocco. Meanwhile the Eastern Roman empire, Byzantium, was retreating and shrinking to become Romania extended to Russia. 

Young Adolf Hitler

Aldolf thought he had the answers and an entire productive state to build innovations. No doubt his circle had many good, even noble, intentions. 

Adolf Hitler

In the end history records narcotics, hubris, and a deluded sense of reality helping to end the story.

Muhammad Ali

Cassius Clay and others represent superior abilities and for a time some are god like. Even they have to wither and die sometime.  

Ferdinand Marcos

He thought he could do anything or kill anyone without consequence. His wife had a whole apartment of shoes. 

American Presidents

They are called the most powerful leader on earth. Each one leaves the office with white hair after 8 years. Some are so drunk with power... send my brother send my wife. The 22nd amendment and terms limits for congress.

Vladimir Putin of Russia

To the east is the evolution of Byzantine. The enemy of my enemy is my friend

Those rulers existing today and those that existed in the past. They sometimes proclaim themselves to be a god with delusions of grandeur. Yet they are as human as you or I. They go to the bathroom like you and I. They have to eat like you and I. They are flesh and blood like you and I. They die like you and I. They cannot fit the definition of the Omni and as such they are not God.