Big Puppy Syndrome in Garrison Communities

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Many Jamaicans seem to agree that their political environment is substantially deformed, and that one major element contributing to the deformity arose with the advent of politically motivated crime. There are distinct characteristics in one social grouping, parochially, “Garrison Community”. If we subscribe to the view that there are sufficient elements present in this grouping to make it a cogent subset of the phenomena “ internecine conflict”, then we should also accept that it is a valid object for study by the social scientist. The tragedy for average Joe is that scientists tend to promulgate their findings in pontificating tomes.


Why should a scientist hesitate from useing a fun approach in presenting the results of a study? Let’s say we have examined and isolated the major elements of tension occurring where stress develops during interpersonal activity in a specific social community. What if our presentation adopts a strategy which includes assigning appropriate personality traits to fictional characters, and then by articulating their reactions elucidate the effect of any specific elements involved? The scope achieved from such a model may not qualify as worthy of professional interest but the presentation could make for some hilarity. We could package the results in snippets, epitomizing each tension stream in modular form. The whole will then be presentable  sequentially in snippets. This style for presenting the results could also be understandable by and of benefit to john layman eh?? This posting is a modest attempt to do so using a stated and limited scope of components to facilitate this study within “Garrison Communities”.


This is BigDog

And so a series of snippets concerning Big Dog and the Turfites is in progress. Episode 1 is in production and prior notification of it release will be published in due course



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