Why Donald Trump is the 45th President

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If you accept that the media misrepresented who Hillary Clinton was and who Donald Trump was, then the following story might suffice to explain a little what happened.

Many millions of Bernie Sanders supporters became disenchanted with Hillary and the Democratic Primary process. Some decided to stay home, vote for Trump, or Vote for Jill Stein. They are the Never Hillary she’s Crooked and should Drop-Out faction. They are many millennials here and all races.

The small and medium size towns in the USA are drying up and infrastructure has become decrepit. Young people cannot get good paying jobs that will allow them independence from parents even when they are college educated. If you are college educated then you may have the added burden of a student loan.

Trump and Bernie have similar platforms and they agree on NAFTA and the TPP. They agree on Workers and Jobs. They agree on Upgrading the Infrastructure. They agree on protecting the 99% against Establishment elites who seek a Globalized government.

Whether Hillary is President or not has very little to do with Women’s rights, freedoms, protections. There are, have been, and will continue to be thousands of women leaders spread out in the USA and our western civilization. As far as I can see there is no glass ceiling if you want to reach for leadership. There is Theresa May, Angela Merkel, and Portia Simpson-Miller to name a few.

As to whether Trump is racist, sexist, or misogynist because he said so or some of his supporters are so. This is where the media created hysteria which is resulting in urban protests and the cognitive dissonance many are feeling today. We are human beings and there is an animal side to everyone. You are safe because the laws and the constitution protect you. There is nothing Trump can do to harm you directly. He will have two years to execute his plan before the next election and the cogs of government are slow.

If you fear that Trump’s presidency will give license to some who may chose to do you harm, let me reassure you that it will be no more or less than it ever was. There are racists, sexists, misogynist among all creeds, genders, and colors.

We should all know that ACA aka Obama Care has to be improved. Whether you say repeal and replace is simply semantics. Trump will end up taking Obama Care to the next level.

Obama did do infrastructure in his first 2 years and he wanted to do more before the Republicans put the brakes on spending. Never the less the national debt did grow by about 13 trillion. Now Trump will get a chance to carry on with it. The is more spending to come and perhaps a surge in Jobs especially in Urban areas and along transportation corridors.

Asians, Blacks, Hispanics, Whites, Females, and Males voted for Trump else he would not now be the President-Elect. So we really should open our minds and let him carry out his agenda in the time he has and where the Congress and the Constitution will let him.

Buckle up! We are about to Blast-Off! We shall be taking a ride into Trump World.