The Truth Continuum

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“What is true and what is not true. Need we ask anyone to tell us these things. ”

Plato and Robert Pirsig phrased these words about goodness. In another way they are also applicable to the truth. We humans seek this wisdom to guide us and comfort our life decisions.

The fact of the matter is that the truth is personal to each of us. What we believe to be true depends largely on our life experience and the perspectives those exposures bring.

Funny, that word perspective. Think of it and the truth like a sphere. Think of us looking at the sphere from different angles. The sphere is the truth about a certain topic and our perspective is the way we see that topic. The picture shows an simplified view of this concept. Each person can see only the colors on their side of the wheel.


It does not make any sense to get emotional or argumentative when our acquaintances don’t see the truth the way that we do. It might be rather helpful to listen. Attempt to see and understand an alternate perspective. That is the path to ultimate enlightenment.

By embracing all perspectives we can possibly see more of the truth and work together. That may be an ideal outcome although we are all mostly invested in own version of the truth.