Thoughts on Education for Development

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The Jamaican Experience – 1900 to 1980 Prior to internal self-government, Jamaica had historically depended heavily on religious orders to provide secondary academic education. The only schooling the state provided was FREE primary education and some teacher training. This teacher … Read More


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When Warren Buffett’s made some specific claims in recent comments on taxes paid by the Super Rich; many Economy Gurus’ put their pennies worth forward on the issues. Some offered pro. Others offered con. Among those who offered Pro. Sentiments, … Read More

Big Puppy and the Turfites-Episode 2

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Episode 2  The inconclusive result from the committee meeting left a set of the resident members unsatisfied. Some “extra conference” discussions ensued and a trio decided to initiate a plan to address the problem. “Stew Paki” was authorized to sound out Don … Read More

Big Puppy and the Turfites-Episode 1

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Episode 1 This first follow up on our article “Big Puppy syndrome in Garrison Communities” is a mini snippet in which we seek to define the social environment from which the community evolved and to introduce the characters we plan to employ for our … Read More

Big Puppy Syndrome in Garrison Communities

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Introduction Many Jamaicans seem to agree that their political environment is substantially deformed, and that one major element contributing to the deformity arose with the advent of politically motivated crime. There are distinct characteristics in one social grouping, parochially, “Garrison … Read More

Irrational Anti-Social Behaviour

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Man, as ‘Social Animal’, is described prolifically in the annals of academia. The subject matter includes, but is not limited to, his survival traits, his communal strategy and the rules he adopts to promote communal performance and to negate communal … Read More

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